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Business Process Management








Business Process Management or Workflow is an electronic document routing system that enables users to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately than with traditional paper processing. Workflow is beneficial whenever successive points of input or action are required in order to complete a task, process, or procedure. From processing applications to approving expense reports to managing remittance processing, workflow streamlines collaboration and accelerates the completion of critical business tasks. Upon configuration, workflow instantly routes documents through the business process as each increment of user or system work is completed within a queue.


BPM/Workflow also supports such advanced features as alternate routing logic, automatic criteria calculation, rendezvous, simultaneous notification, load balancing, reporting, ad hoc workflow. When integrated with Web Server, the benefits of Workflow can be made available via the Internet to users throughout your company, regardless of their location.



Workflow, which is entirely point-and-click configurable, has been designed to allow for quick implementation. Much, if not all, of the programming that is required by traditional workflow systems has been eliminated. The GUI Configuration window allows the designer to determine how the actual flow of a life cycle will appear and how documents will be transitioned through the life cycle. Through the use of a configuration toolbar and grid map, workflow life cycles are designed within minutes. Upon the creation of the life cycle queues, the graphic layout and the transitions, a basic workflow has easily been established.


In a normal user environment, the user will see only the queues to which he or she is assigned. Documents are brought into a workflow life cycle in all of the same ways documents can currently enter COLD, Imaging, etc. When the user completes all user work and tasks, the document continues through workflow and the user proceeds to the next document. In addition to automated routing, authorized users have the ability to route documents on an ad-hoc basis.


All documents related to the loan are immediately available. With workflow providing all relevant documents and tasks, directly on the screen, users can focus on the immediate task at hand. In some cases, workflow identifies which task the user is performing and automatically opens documents appropriate for that task.


Core Features

§         Easy Form design with drag and drop functionality

§         Easy WorkFlow design with none  programming Skills

§         Easy Database generated automatically after form Design

§         Easy to change  processes and role  with unaffected to application core Business activity Monitoring can watch out each step of business processes

§         Smart search functionality and mail alert function

§         Flexible, responsive systems with speedy integration into existing software infrastructure


Business Benefits

§         Workflow solutions can increase the efficiency of business processes by 25 to 75 percent.

§         Workflow ensures that your business practices are followed.

§         Provides a clear audit trail

§         Empowers a user by giving the all the relevant information when making decisions

§         Delineates a clear picture of a documentís status in a given business process


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