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Techconect Company Limited offers business improvement solutions with a full range of Document Imaging Solution. With our solutions, we improve our clients’ ability leverage information assets throughout the organization. As our mission to be one of the best Document Imaging Solution Provider, we does not only resell the software but offer a full range of consulting, integration, optimization and training services for professionals in editorial, publishing, printing and document management. The Portal Engine is the heart of our Product. It is a flexible, web-based Desktop which integrates all Applications into a single user experience, enabling users to create a personalized view of the business.    



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ICON portal solution web based application integrates all Applications into a single user interface with Single Sign-on to others web based application.






Praxtical document management and workflow software with simple user interface, ease of use, easy to implement.


•  Ease of use by Drag  & Drop Tools Base web application

•  Support content modules, skins, data providers, language packs, and templates

•  High performance portal infrastructure with minimal hardware requirements

•  Service available for web base solutions

•  Skins

•  Data Providers to connect external database

•  Rule base privilege

•  Easy to create Intranet system





Content Management

With Content Management you engage more employees and partners in the critical process of content creation and submission. Empowering knowledge experts, rather than IT professionals, to manage and publish content dramatically reduces your ongoing maintenance costs and increases the contextual relevance of your portal. 

•  News Feeder (RSS)

•  Content editor

•  User live

•  Search Engine


Digital Web part

With the Digital Web part, User can access to another system (Web based applications installed in the organization) with single sign on web base.



The Collaboration Portals are central online meeting places where people share ideas, store project-specific information, establish procedures review and discuss documents and deliverables, resolve issues, make decisions, and get work done.

•  Login

•  Announcements

•  Contacts

•  Forums

•  Events

•  Q&A

•  Pictures

•  Links

•  Questionnaire


Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Document Management involves with creation, storage, organization, transmission, retrieval, manipulation, update, archival and retirement of documents based on organizational needs. This involves the migration of paper and electronic documents onto an electronic storage medium and then the ability to easily retrieve the information according to agreed access rights.


•   Document Filing  by importing via web application or scanning such as MS Office, Html, PDF, TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, Avi, Mp3

•   Cabinet, Shelf, Folder creation

•   Full Text Search

•   Sharing Violation

•   Security Control

•   Log Control

•   Version Control

•   Subscription  favorite link to document

•   Recycle Bin (Document Recovery)

•   Document Category

•   Private Document 

•   Keyword Customization

•   Retention Scheduling 



Knowledge Base

With the Knowledge Management, User can search all knowledge base online with full text search engine. Key user can design his own knowledge form to insert knowledge information which support many level of knowledge category.

•  Knowledge Form Designer

•  Picture Attachment

•  File Attachment

•  Full Text Search

•  Category Management

•  PDF, Excel Exporter


Business Intelligent

With Business Intelligent, User can create dynamic report and graph by drag & drop field. This BI can be done by integrating business intelligent feature from SQL Server.



Systems Requirements


•  Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2 Server

•  .Net Framework V2.0

•  Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0

•  Microsoft SQL Server 2000,2005 Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition


Web Browser, IE, Netscape, Opera, FireFox, etc.

Developing Tools

•  Visual Studio .NET 2005

•  XML WebServices

•  Service Oriented Architecture

•  Microsoft IBuySpy Portal



Techconnect Company Limited

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