BookDrive DIY is the world’s only digital camera-based scanning solution. In the past, flatbed and overhead scanners were the common tool we used for scanning documents.They were the right tools at the time. But they were very slow.  To scan just one book using one of those scanners, you wasted hours and hours in flipping the book back and forth, and waiting for the scanner to finish scanning each page … very slowly.



Thanks to the advancement in digital cameras, now we have digital cameras that are inexpensive and can shoot millions of pixels in a fraction of a second, making it a better tool to capture information.



We take advantage of this fact and turn it into a great book scanning machine that can scan books at about 1,000 pages an hour and that produces superior images to ones produced by the traditional scanners. Whether you are a small school, a local library, or an imaging center, you can now afford a low cost, highly productive scanning solution. It is fast, affordable and upgradable.



How does BookDrive DIY work?


This book scanner captures 2 pages at a time using 2 overhead mounted digital cameras. To scan a book, just place it on the V-shaped cradle facing up. Press a capture button and the right camera will shoot the left page while the left camera shoot the right page. The images that come out are crisp color images.







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Advantages of BookDrive DIY




No margin crawl


As we know, the center of the book does not stay at the same place throughout the scanning. As we keep turning pages, the middle of the book keeps shifting as well. This margin crawl problem will give you a hard time during cropping post scanning. You cannot crop all the page in a batch. The width of the border in each page will not be consistent. However, the unique Auto-Centering Book Cradle in BookDrive DIY will solve this problem. Our cradle is designed so that it can move horizontally while the V-shaped transparent platen does not move. The outcome is that the middle of the book is always centered throughout the scanning. This eliminates the margin crawl problem. It helps you crop all the pages more easily. All the pages will have more consistent border width.




Natural-looking pages


The system also comes with a V-shaped transparent platen. This platen is used for gently making the pages flat. BookDrive DIY will generate flat, natural looking images in the first place without needing any curvature correction software










  1. The platform
  2. Adjustable camera mounts
  3. V-shaped, self-stabilizing book cradle
  4. V-shaped transparent platen
  5. Lighting
  6. USB hub
  7. USB numberic keypad
  8. Glare-prevention shade
  9. BookDrive Capture Software
  10. BookDrive Editor Software




  1. digital SLR cameras






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