Techconnect Company Limited major product lines include barcode label printers, barcode scanners, and portable data terminals. Our products are used in many of the world's factories, hospitals, airports, post offices, and retail outlets. Our commitment is to customer satisfaction. We offer our customers: 1) a full range of innovative products of exceptional quality, 2) cost leadership, 3) flexibility in meeting customer demands, and 4) speed and efficiency in handling customer requests.




Barcode label printers

We offer all range of Barcode label printers start form

Desktop & Receipt Barcode Printers 

    Commercial Barcode Printers 

    And Industrial Barcode Printers 


Our sample of Commercial Barcode Printer



The R-200 delivers industrial printer capacity and durability in a cost-effective package. Large ...








R-400 leads industrial level printers in affordability and ease of handling. Easy-to-use design ...








The R-600 inherits the Refine Series' mechanism. Loading capacity accommodates a maximum 360M ri ...






Barcode Scanner

A Barcode Scanner is a device that uses a laser or other technology to collect and interpret barcodes on consumer products, shipping labels and many other items. Barcode Scanners are used around the world because they can collect information quickly and accurately. Barcode Scanners are used everywhere, from retail checkout counters to delivery companies to movie and sports tickets to medical information bracelets.





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